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I spent the 4th field testing the recent work Keith and Cliff did to my IZ 109 Saiga 12 correcting someone elses work who claimed to be an "expert", turns out they were not but the guys at Tac 47 seem to have got it corrected on the first attempt. I love my Saiga. I got to choose my Saiga while it was still unsed new in the box at a dealer. I already knew that when I got back to Texas that I wanted Tac47 to handle my upgrades so I picked one that has the serial # ending in 0047. That is how much of a reputation they have. I also want to mention that Keith is a very honorable man, at least with buisness matters. He really stood behind his work when I needed him too. I am proud to enter the 4th of July Saiga giveaway with an honest to God testimonial that I just gave. They may seem a little cocky at first, but that is not really cockiness. It is confidence, and well deserved. I would love to win this contest and have old 0047 as I call it brought up to Tac 47 specs and use it to show off and prove to the men I go to lodge with, yes I am a proud Texas Master Mason, and we like to hunt and shoot together. I am also involved with SRT, The Sons of The Republic of Texas. We also like to get together fish, hunt, or just go shootin. I have been getting involved with The Texas Army. If you enjoy Texas History or would like to be exposed to some excellent Texas Historical speakers or Battle re-enactments you should check out your local chapter and check out their calander. Oh and by the way.. We like to shoot everything from flintlock muskets to cannon. We also break out the modern stuff and wonder how different The Goliad Massacre and The Alamo would have turned out with Tac 47 arming us. I believe it would have prevented both of those Heroic Texas Defeats to have been quick decisive victories, but thats only a dream. Some of us are lucky to have Tac 47 right here in Texas with us, but I would absolutely reccommend them even if you live elsewhere.

Thanks Kieth and Cliff for letting my Fourth go off perfectly. I could not have picked a better day to go to the range and field test their work to my Saiga 12 #0047.

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Winners     OK, Happy Fourth Boys, if you haven't been able to afford it now its time for you. Its a completely free conversion, Or Redo your Home or Botched Conversion.   The conversion inclu

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I want a free conversion! Tac-47 always has great contests, this is very cool. I spent the fourth shooting, got to shoot a full auto MP5 and also the .40 cal version (forgot the name). I also got to shoot a Barret .50 as well as a couplr of my guns.


I also spent plenty of time sweating and complaining about the heat!


Thanks again Tac-47!

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Just a lazy day watching Band of Brothers episodes and going thru my overflow of way too many stockpiled parts so I can post some WTS ads.


Now I would love to get a free conversion by Tac47 to go with my Tromix




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I'm in. Definitely want a conversion.


I spent most of the 4th "holding down the fort" while others went to a couple cook outs and to watch fireworks. Mainly cleared out the gun safe and made sure everything was wiped down and clean. I couldn't think of anything more American than that. LOL. At one point though, I went in search of paint for the Saiga 12 (Duplicolor 1634) , but couldn't find any. sad.png

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IM IN!!! I'd love to win a free conversion!!! I have been having my saiga 12 for almost 2 years now and still havent been able to get it converted. Everytime i try and save a lil money something always comes up. Yest for the 4th, was also my 3rd year anniv. with my fiance, spent the day shopping then eating seafood and visiting with family. Good luck to everyone, someone will really enjoy this prize. Hopefully it will be me. 😃

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Thanks for posting the offer; It's really cool of you guys, and I'm sure someone here will be very happy to win that conversion! I just finished mine (almost 6 months since I started) and I had a chance to try it out last weekend at a family reunion. I tried a variety of ammo including the 3" stuff (ouch). So far it will cycle everything except for the cheaper Winchester Universal skeet loads. The high brass and high velocity stuff seems to work fine. The 3" ammo kicks like a mule, and I'm not sure you can damper it down enough to be comfortable, at least not with the factory gas plug. Anyway, we celebrated the 4th last weekend at a family reunion, since it was the only time we all could get together. We did shoot some guns and fireworks too, and had a blast (literally) Hope everyone had a great 4th!


First and foremost, displaying the colors!



Trying out my conversion



Also broke out the HK33



And the M11A1...yeah I am using a 9mm Sionics suppressor, which works great BTW...



We blew up some tannerite too



Oh yeah, the fireworks!


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I want a free conversion! On this 4th of July I am burning 100 dollar bills by the pool watching 50 cent videos rejoicing in the passing of Obamacare by Scotus. I needs me a free conversion by Tac47 because they are the best damn Saiga gunsmiths on the planet! Hook a gangsta up yo!

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I want a Free Conversion.


This is super cool of you guys to be giving something like this away on the 4th of July, Thank You for the contest and good luck to all who enter here!!!!



We spent the 4th of July at the pool with my daughter and 2 grandchildren. Then we went out to eat, and watch a fireworks display.

It's so dry here and our entire county and most of the state except 4 counties are still under a burn ban, so this is the 1st year I can remember we didn't shoot off a bunch of fireworks and guns/reactive targets in the yard. The county and local cities are proposing we do the fireworks on Labor Day so the firework vendors don't go broke this year.

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I want a Free Conversion


My wife and I drove about 100 miles round trip to visit her sister. We then came by home to watch our local fire works show. We live in a small town of 300 and I would guess about 2000 people showed up. A car that was parked in the grass caught on fire and someone parked in front of the door at the local fire station. Needless to say that guy got his vehicle towed. They got the fire put out without further incident. Saw the guy who owns the local shooting range. He is over 7 feet tall so he is hard to miss.


Overall, a pretty nice evening.


Thanks for offering such a great contest.



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