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Converted Saiga 12 1,200 OBO need sale asap

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price drop 1,050 OBO SHIPPED


I am unfortunately selling my slightly used but all new internals iz109 saiga 12 18in barrel shotgun serial # H11401xxx with around 500-700 rounds of mostly bird shot for skeet and a few buck shot an slugs here or there.


i love this gun and i actualy just finished building it, lots of time and $$$$ but it along with others has to go ASAP because a finantial situation. this shotgun was built to hold up, last long and be very reliable.


perfect home defence gun intimidating mag fed shotgun


ill start by listing what i have done and what it has in it along with what im giving


with the sale:




* tapco short forgrip fde


*tapco saw grip fde


* tapco intrafuse tri-rail fde


* tapco g2 Single Hook Saiga modified trigger group (polished hammer face and bottom of bolt carier for smoother action


* dinzagarms front sight block short deluxe


* KREBS rear goast ring sight


* tromix extended charging handle


* MD arms adjustable gas plug


* carolina ss triger guard


* magpull moe stock on buffer tube and car 15/ar pignose addapter (not yet lock tighted in place i literaly just got it yesterday an havent tightend castle nut either)


* JT Engineering Performance Power Main Spring (nice and reliable trigger pull)


* Tromix Heavy Hitter Firing Pin


* Hole Plugs for old screw holes from convertion


* Tromix welded on back plate uninstalled new TOM COLE HEAVY DUTY GAS PISTON ROD


* stock threaded barrel and metal thread cover (vs the plastic one)


* AXIS PIN RETAINING PLATE FOR easy disasembaly of trigger group


comes with:


I also have ALL of the stock internals, stock and furnature


* promag 12 rnd drum with smoke cover


* smg tactical 12 rnd stick mag


* stock 5 rnd stick mag


* a tactical tailor made 21 rnd adjustable bandolier or belt


* Tapco AK T-6 Collapsible Stock


* bore snake


* cleaning rod and brush




all for the low price of -price drop 1,050 OBO shipped- wont last long im way upside down on this deal


my phone # is 239-333-9569 ill answer any questins u have call or text anytime!!!


im located in fort myers fl in case u live close and dont want to ship






ill accept paypal for payment and will ship as soon as i have payment and ffl shipping address











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darn My iphone messed up, I'll have pics up as soon as I get home in an hour


just checked on my computer and there still there idk why they were not showing up

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thanks guys will do. yes 5 months because i got a better job and was no longer in need of cash as much and due to recent events I will be looking for possibly trades for 556 ammo, p-mags, beta c-mags, and or Robinson Armament XCR parts or lowers

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