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mags, dry or lubed?

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you guys put alittle lube on you mag followers where they ride up on the inside of the mag housing. i noticed on steel mags when pressing the follower down with a pencil on an unlubed mag there seems to be a little resistance but after putting a drop of hoppes gun oil down inside the followers are as smooth as silk...

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You might find that the oil will attract dirt and debris and possibly lead to a malfunction


I use a dry teflon spray. It goes on wet, but drys quickly. I notice improved performance with no perceived downside, yet.

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Dry. If your mags need lube... toss them in the trash.

ooohhh thats harsh..


Haha! Sorry man.. didn't mean to sound harsh! I meant that's what I do (and I HAVE trashed a few mags due to that)! I've never used lube on any of my mag internals for any firearm (including shotgun tube). My feeling is, if a mag needs lube to not hang up, then it WILL hang up when you least want it to (such as when it gets dirty from gunk sticking to it while shooting). I just wouldn't trust them. It's not worth the risk for the little $ invested in a replacement mag. YMMV though :-)

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Most coatings on firearm parts are made to hold small amounts of oil, both to lessen resistance and to prevent corrosion.


Metal magazines should always have a small amount of oil on them. The actual amount needed is about what will transfer from a lightly oiled cloth wiped over the surface. Any more is just asking for dirt to cling to the surface.

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