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Scott at DPH is offering good customer service

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I had bought a 10 slot reproduction Russian birdcage flash hider a couple years ago but actually had not used it until two weeks ago. There was a problem with the piece bulging to the point I was concerned to shoot it for fear of complete failure.

I contacted Scott who gladly replaced it with a Phantom flash hider. He did want to see the defective one but he had one sent out to me within 3 days which is sooner than he could have possibly received my returned one.

Thanks to Scott and DPH arms.



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Always great to hear about good CS.

Not so great to hear about product failures.



How many shots fired till it showed signs of failure?

Was it gradual or catastrophic, i.e. gradual bulging after multiple shot or one shot and bulge.

Any sign of bullet strikes on the inside of the attachment?

Was the attachment's steel relatively thin compared to the Phantom or another muzzle device?

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I have dealt with them before and was certainly impressed with the CS and the fact that he chatted with me for a while. My experience wasn't a warranty issue. I was just buying a bunch of stuff and had questions about the products.

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A total of about 20 rounds before I noticed the bulging. Mostly #4 buck with one slug and about 4 #7 birdshots before I noticed it. Here are two pictures:




The metal was thinner than the Phantom he sent me as a replacement. I don't expect any problems with this one.



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Not a prob as long as your behind the gun. Just kidding but I saw no stress or signs of metal fatigue (other than the bulge) such as cracks. You did right though better safe than sorry.

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