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Chicago area here any one into 3 gun

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Theres a nother outlaw match sept. 2 i believe and was wondering if any one would be intrestred..you can use and caliber and if u want only pistol ..or pistol shotgun or pistol shotgun rifle..it only 25 bucks and wasa hell of a good time when i went earlier this month..let me know if anyone is down

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Im by ohare and the 3 gun is out by rockford it takes me like 60 mins to get up there there was about 6 or 7 courses in the beggining of the month and they have a shoot house..there adding more stuff every month..they also have 600 yard rifle range..its a old black water traing facility..its called the hollow..and the website was actionshootingsports.com


You are allowed to have hand guns in chicago as long as u go to a class and pay some stupid registration every year..just looking for some people who are in to this sort of thing tired of going up there by my self since my friends are all poor lossers

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I will look into it. I've never done anything like this before but it's something i do have an interest in.







That looks fucking awesome! Very interesting and only about 40-45 miles from me.

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Thats alot closer then me im about 90 miles away..i never did anything like this before either but no in hook i really cant wait for.the.next one. Ive already bought a bunch of crap i wont need lol..and got better ammo so my shotgun wont jam..had like 10 jams and cost me alot of time

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