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Went to a gun show and what did I see -

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Update: On the net today I did some poking around for folding stock pics... I identified the side folder as one of ACE's skeleton type, not bad by itself but the install has to be pretty far off what ACE intended.


I wish I coulda taken a pic, I coulda posted it here under the title: "Has anybody building their own botched a rear trunion this badly?" OR "New Modification, rear cooling gills for folding stocks".

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One of my local gun dealers has a full CNC machine shop(vendor) and he tells me that Century sends work out to all different vendors and some of them belong to the meat cutters union. From some of the work i have seen on the century guns i can believe that. Some of the wood stock fits into the reciever left gaps on the SAR's back a few years ago that sucked and thats why I didn't buy one.


I look every gun over really good if it has the century tag on it. When I first bought a Cetme i have learned a lesson and it took just one century built gun well if century built it i'm not sure now so be very afraid when you see the century tag because i am now.

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The NRA is the biggest and most successful gun lobby we have! Don't knock them, support them or just hand your guns over to the government!!


We all know that every walk of life has major idiots, but the majority of NRA members are good upstanding citizens of this country( that have the brains enough to stand together for our freedoms).

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the NRA is mostly ok with the sporting clause. therefore, they arent out for me and you, but them. the gun community doesnt need the NRA to tell them who to vote for on election day. so far, as far as I can tell, they do nothing for me and my right to bear arms.

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The NRA is the most successful gun control lobby in the country. The are FOR:



The Brady Bill

The 86 MG ban


They actively work to keep ranges from allowing the public-- or, non NRA members, from using them.


The NRA is the reason we have so much gun control now--- they are very concerned about protecting domestic manufacturers... which is why they STILL haven't noticed that the ATF banned the importation of foriegn semi-auto rifles this past summer.


The NRA is the problem, not the solution.

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The NRA had Tom Delay as a keynote speaker-- If you lie in the gutter with whores, you will not have any credibility.

Only a good reputation that can further our cause. The NRA is actively throwing theirs away.





(edited to make sense!)

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