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I was going to order some ammo online but alot of the sites were out, so I ran down to the local gun shop and picked up some that's labeled as Mil-Spec made at the Ulyanovsk Machine Plant. I think it's Bear Mil spec but I'm not sure.


Can anyone here ID this for me and is it any good??

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Ulyanovsk ammo comes in 2 brands Ulyanovsk and Sapsan. The Ulyanovsk ammo that comes in cardboard cases has a blue and white box that is marked "hunting cartridges". The ammo that comes in a sealed tin is in the same blue and white box but has "mil spec" printed on the box instead of "hunting cartridges".

The Silver Bear/Bown Bear/Golden Bear ammo is imported by DKG Trading Inc. and are brands owned by them. The Bear brands of rifle ammo was made by several Russian mfgs. but since 2004 it is all made by Barnual except the match 7.62x39mm ammo that is made by Ulyanovsk.

For more info on Russian ammo click the link for the "AK rifle ammo idenitification" page on my web pages.


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Thanks for the reply.


It would appear then that I have the Ulyanovsk in the blue and white box marked MIL-SPEC. I was hoping to get some Wolf ammo to before a trip to the range next weekend. Most online places are out of it so when I saw that this local guy had some picked up a case of it.


Has anyone here fired any of this?

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Yes. Uly is great stuff. The Uly HP and the Barnaul SP are probably the best AK ammo out there. Uly is the most accurate, though maybe Barnaul is better in some batches.


Both Uly and barnaul are better than wolf, and they smell better too.


What state are you in? Uly is getting hard to come by these days.... Who has it and how much are they asking? :-)

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