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Alright gents, this is a complete setup that will allow you to run an Ultimak on your M92. As I'm sure you know, Ultimaks generally don't work on M92's due to the piston design and the design of the inner wall of the Ultimak. I took a CNC Warrior US made M92 gas piston and turned the star off, then took a Yugo Ultimak and cut it to fit the M92. The inside of the Ultimak was professionally chamfered to allow a nice smooth transition from the gas block to the tube for the gas piston. Also included is a Ronin Grips M92 polymer lower handguard. If you're building an M92 rifle this will give you 2 compliance parts.


If you were to buy all of these components it would total about $200 with shipping and that's not including the work involved.


I'm asking $125 shipped to your door or will trade for:


Bulgarian waffle mags

5.45 mags (Bulgy or EG Bakelite)

Krink gas tube

Krink hg retainer

Krink laminated hg's

Side folding stock (Russian/Bulgarian pattern)

7.62x39 ammo

5.45x39 ammo


AK-74 gas tube

AK-74 muzzle brake

AK-74 recoil spring

AK-74 barrel (AK-Builder)

AK parts kits




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