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I think I want a saiga 308 just need some help

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Im in the market for a "fighting" rifle although ill hopefully only use it for plinkin and hunting. Im on a budget so I cant get a M1A. A few people said I could buy an AR kit but I'd like something more potent than 223 since I will use it for hunting anyway. I know saigas arent meant to be tack drivers but I was wondering if yall could help me get the right saiga configuration for me.


I'd like primarily wood and metal or the stock can be synthetic but most of the parts have to be metal. I know plastic is fine but I like heavier guns for some reason if they are too light they feel like toys. I also want the most accurate one Im not going to shoot competion I just like to shoot far.

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Even using some plastic the S308 will not be "too light" as its a fairly substantial rifle in particular if you go long barrel, this ain't no Stoner rifle (AR).

Given the weight of load outs you will find yourself looking for ways to reduce weight after hauling it around in the brush the first time.


Lots of threads on accuracy already here so wont get into that.

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Or this, hit a 1 foot round steel plate at 300 yards 8 out of 10 times.

It is heavy, dont know how much it does weigh but I do bench shoot,

for fun only.


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They are great rifles and superior to the M1A in reliability (I own both). My M1A only likes high quality brass ammo (it's fussy with Russian steel .308). My S308 eats anything. My S308 is 16" and I can get 2" MOA at 100 yds with Winchester 147gr 7.62 white box and 4x scope. I can probably get more with a higher power scope. Rhoades is right about it being heavy - I would recommend a thickly padded sling for carrying it in the field. And I recommend converting it because the stock trigger HORRIBLE! It doesn't use linkage like the other Saigas. It pulls back and up and will slap the shit out of your finger - but that is also covered at nauseum on this forum.

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You mean like this?




I assume you are in the "grow stronger" camp cs smile.png

Great looking rifle.



Actually I thinned the wood in several locations to get the weight down.. So its a tiny bit lighter then factory poly.


The Romanian top cover is thinner metal than factory and since it serves no function other then keeping dirt it was also a good trade.


The Bakelight pistol grip is lighter than many plastic ones.


Other then chopping the barrel or turning it down thinner its pretty much as light as its getting.


And thanks, its one of my preferred rifles. It just feels right in the hands.

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I was on my way to purchase a new SA M1a at the time when i passed by a rack of the brand new russian izmash saiga's in 308win w/16" barrels marked $289. Of course i never made it to the m1a's. Since we were on the way to go hunting in the north country we took the saiga with us after we cleaned and lubed it. After the hunt was over we took it out and we and the northern boys shot it for the first tiime. I never owned an ak to this day because most of the ones i seen were left over from the rush/sales and were butchered reworks. What drove me even more towards the russian saiga is its a brand new izmash built ak/akm rifle. No one butchered it or chewed on this one. I found the saiga to be reliable and dependable and she spits out the 308 round like no other rifle i have so far. I was on my way to buy another saiga in 308 but the rack was empty and refilled with new saiga's in 223 w/16" barrels for $259. I never wanted a high priced rifle in 223 nor was fond of the 223 round but for just $259 i got the 223 rifle thats a battle field proven design at an affordable price too. I never converted any of my 6 saiga's so far. Were going to plink and hunt with them.


Lets face it if we carry a heavy hunting rifle by the end of the day it becomes a walking stick when we get tired. The saiga's are very light to me next to the heavy large caliber bolt action rifles.


I'm glad i passed on the SA M1a, i finnally got a norinco m14s for under $400.

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sounds to good to be true I just bought a s223 three days ago for 450$ out the door and i thought that was a decent price. s308 new for 289$ I would buy three right now.

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OK back to the original question at hand. i have been thinking about getting a .308 myself. I have looked at the vepr but it seems as though accuracy is about the same as the saiga .308.


weight advantage to the saiga.

mags saiga.

price saiga.


i really like the way CSSpecs and red308 weapons turned out. thats the way i would want mine to turn out.


i am thinking the 21 inch barrel is the way to go....getting the most out of the round regarding velocity close/down range.


I am assuming the weight would be no more that a saiga 12 .


In looking for a great all round weapon and it always seems that the .308 saiga comes to mind. good hunting weapon, good SHTF weapon/round ......all be it heavy still want the extra blast from the .308 vs my 7.62 x 39 or .223


After all thats why i went with the 7.62 x39 over the .223 in the first place. then i picked up the .223 just in case SHTF senerio . i figured .223 would be more availble and reloadable.


I like the idea of blasting through hard barriers to keep peoples heads down....the .308 again wins out.


I can reload for it and some of the surplus stuff seems cheaper than i remember.


I would hate to, but i would need to sell my 7.62 x39 to help defray cost of new setup.


It would help to consolidate caliber purchases.


Now shooting characterstics.


is the longer barrel .308 as obnoxious as the 16 inch barrel?

i would hate to not enjoy going to the range and blasting 100 or so rounds down range.


how do they handle say for quick engagement?


so please let it rip. I want to make a well informed choice.

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