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Still waiting on some parts, no reply to emails

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I placed an order on July 17th and have received most of the parts ordered the following week, however, the Bolt-On Retainer & 74 FSB were circled on my invoice and this was written beside them:

These 2 items will ship seperately! Thank you for your patience smile.png


I have sent two emails to dinzzag@yahoo.com asking for an ETA on the parts from two different email accounts on July 27th and August 1st and have yet to get a reply back. I tried using the Messenger service here on the forums but it says "The member dinzag can not use the messaging system" when I try to send a message.




Got an email today (8-6-12) from Dinzag.


AphexRed' date='


So sorry for the delay, and Thank you for your Patience!


Your other items will be shipping this week.


They would have went out last week, but we are just recovering from

no internet and power outages for the last 1 1/2 weeks.


We appreciate your business!

Brian Smithwick


Dinzag Arms[/quote']

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I've been patiently waiting too! Ordered on the 16th of July, and sent emails from different email accounts to the contact on his webpage (dinzzag@yahoo.com) and have heard nothing either. Hopefully he will get a notification and help both you and I out on order status. anger.gif

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I'm glad ya'll finally got your replies. I have to admit he has always been very timely with me and was shocked to find out he had a regular job and did all this on the side, lol. I had the feeling he would be rich with his reputation and all the business he gets, lol. Maybe, he is like some of my co-workers, just work for the benefits, lol

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While the delay of communication was off putting (but understandable given the circumstances) the quality of the parts more then made up for the shipping delay. I did my Saiga conversion using nothing but Dinzag stuff and if I ever get the itch to convert another one Dinzag will get my business again (and I will check weather forecasts in his area before hand). laugh.png

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