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what loads you blowing?

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since i converted my s12 iv noticed how easy and expensive bulk ammo packs are becoming. so recently i got a shotshell reloader and started reloading.


havent had time to shoot more than a clip yet but i can already see the savings.


im using remi gun club hulls with 18 grains of red dot and shooting 7/8 oz loads.


do you load your own or buy em? i just cant keep going out and buying bulk packs "just because" getting expensive.

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I buy Walmart Winchester Universal Bulk. $21 and some change for 100. I found out what most people and most Saiga 12's won't run and built mine to run it like a sewing machine for the simple reason that if it'll run this crap with my TAC47 auto plug then it'll run anything. I don't think I could reload any cheaper than this.

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I'm still buying fed bulk pack, but mine are getting closer to $25 each. I've come to realize that loading target loads is about the same +/- in some cases. Buck and Slugs will save you a ton. Plus I've got all set up for reloading shells, I need to just add some to my big tub so I can start. You gotta buy new sometime to start loading your own.

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I buy the cheap bulk, open the crimp, melt the shot and make these, and "00" buck.

The Lyman slug will dent a 1/4 steel plate, The Lee just splater.


I'm gonna have to have you cast me some 40 S&W silver bullets RED. What can I say? I used to be a Boy Scout. Or was it the Lone Ranger? I forget.

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just redid math for everything iv bought for reloading and for me to make 400 rounds atleast will cost me 4 cents a round.

but keep in mind i also got about 55 gallon drum+ of hulls 1000 wads and 100 primers for free.


stuff i have bought are:

7 1/2 shot 25lbs.------30.00

1lb red dot powder---22.00

1000 primers----------35.00




and iv made 350+ rounds and prob got enough gunpowder and lead for 200+


seems way cheaper to me and alot more fun cause i get to shoot 4x more for pennys.

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