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Ok I am going to set up for Buckshot reloading, questions on brands

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I am still deciding on powder, but pretty much decided to do a 2 3/4 12 ga load


Cheddite high brass hulls (I have some left over winchester high brass from slugs I've shot, So I will try those and the back up is the cheddite ones that I can get local)

Federal primers (have a ton anyway)

hornaday 00 and 000 shot


SO I'm looking for powder suggestions and wad suggestions. I've only ever done bird shot and didn't know if there were ones to get not to get.


Got a mec reloader.


I'm looking to do a hornady crit defense round



The other round I wanted to do, but not sure if I want to cast slugs, is a foster type like the winchester 2 3/4 deer slugs. Haven't seen a place to just buy ones like I want.


I will need the powder block for the ammount I need.


In my birdshot loading exp I prefer winchesters, but open to suggestions.


Can't find my shotgun loading data book, a suggestion on a site would be nice, I'm leary of using certain stuff off the internet, I like published books.

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I don't use High brass at all for buck shot or slugs. High brass makes no differance. Everybody think because it's high brass it has more powder that is false. Been shooting slugs out of winchester AA hulls for years and still have all my fingers and eyes. Back in the day of paper hulls they needed the high brass for magnam loads because they had more powder and would burn little holes in the paper...so they started making high brass to protect the paper. Now a days it's not needed.

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Cheap feds low brass

Winchester 209 primer

32-34 gr. Blue dot powder

Federal 12S4 wads

9 ea. 00 buck ( precision reloading 79.00 per 25 lbs.)

Works for me.

I got the 100 pack federal for playing...

So I just reuse the hulls.


nice I looked at a similar recipe the other day, sounds like a winner


still trying to find a source on rifled slugs, only find non-rifled and sabot of the variety I want, well I should say no one has the type in stock I want.

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Use the hulls the data calls for. Otherwise you could end up with serious overpressure.


What he said; use exactly the components that the data calls for. Shotgun loads in general have less safety margin for substitution than rifle or pistol ammo, particularly with higher power buck and slug loads. I load buck and slugs per data off the Hodgdon site, in Remington hulls. The data calls for different wads and primers for each type, so that is what I use. HS-6 powder in both.

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