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Hello, I'm new here and sorry if this is a noob question. I was wondering what sights you would recommend for the Saiga .223? I actually don't own a Saiga right now (LOL) but haven't heard many good things about the factory sights. I was looking at the Krebs Custom AK rear sight (http://www.krebscust...ikovParts.shtml) and HiViz front sight (http://store.carolin...47-SAIGA/Detail). Are those any good, and will they work together? If not, would you have any other good suggestions?


Thanks in advance.



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I use Krebs peep and love it. Some others have the Mojo, which is similar to the Krebs. My front sight is stock so I can't help on that one. Try the factory sight and see if you like it. If not get the Krebs, and then finally change the front it you still want to change thinks. Best bet is to try, and then change on thing at a time.


Welcome to the forum, and go get you that Saiga!

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I think either the Krebs or Mojo is your best bet. Yes.. people will say it's not a true "apertature sight" (and it's not), but it far better than the junk (barely there) rear sight notch that comes stock on AK's. They actually function more as a "ghost ring" than aperature sight, but they work (and well). I, personally, perfer the Krebs, but think the Mojo is actually the better deal. The only real difference between the two is that Krebs retains the "ladder" scale, allowing you to set the meters (as factory blade does), while the Mojo is a "fixed" blade where you "set it and forget it". In all honesty... do you actually USE the ladder, or do you "kentucky windage" your sights (as most people do)?? The Ladder sight is grossly over rated, and most never use it. No other combat weapon has this ladder type set up. It' s not needed for the average guy. It's not rocket science. If it's longer range, you hold over. Done. However.. the ladder system looks more "authentic" on the AK and that's why I perfer the Krebs. If it's purely functional with you, save yourself the $ and get the Mojo.. it's just as effective at a fraction of the cost.

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