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Anyone have any experience with the new XDs?

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Got to shoot my xds today, very nice. Shoots on point at around 25 feet, ejects shells in a nice pile about 8-10ft to the right, using monarch brass. No malfunctions, i couldn't be happier. I was certain that i was going to be writing something like 'i really wanted to love this pistol, but...'. Luckily its a keeper.

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Ditto that. I got one of each color, stainless and black slides.

Crimson Trace has the LG-469 out for these, just waiting for Crossbreed to offer a holster for the combination.




"you never know how strong you might be, until there's no option but to be strong."


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I picked up a desantis pocket tuk, i haven't decided if i like it yet. Whatever hide its made of is super grippy, but its pretty hard to get into and out of my waistband, I have to undo my belt and whatnot. I'm used to carrying a glock 23 in a don hume IWB holster or a PF9 with the belt clip.


The ability to take the clip off and use it as a pocket holster is nice, but it only works with slas cut slacks, i can'tget it to sit in my bluejeans pocket comfortably or accesable.


The angle of the holster is adjustable, which is nice. Once the holster is in my pants its really comfortable. The pistol rides high, but there are 2 holes in the clip, so you can adjust it to your liking.


Retention seems nice, draw is nice, and re-holstering is a breeze, which I hae found to be unusual in IWB holsters. I was a bit disappointed that the hide wasn't molded in the shape of the.gun, like the Don Hume, but its starting to get nolded, i've been wearing it for a week

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It fits nicely in my hands. I quickly greased and oiled the gun. The gun fired 170 rounds mix of Winchester, Independence, Federal, and PMC. Not hickup was noted. The gun was allowed to cool and then shot several magazines of the following HP's: Remington Golden Saber230 grain, Corbon DPX 185grain, PMC Stralight 185gr,


I expected a cooled down and gummy gun to have problems with mixed magazines of HP. All went bang,




Now, The 230gr bullets all shot 4-5 inches low at 30ft. The lighter HP all hit dead center. Two other people had the same results. So what is it about the sights? If the rear white dots were even with the front red sight the gun shoots low. If all three of us aimed using the front red sight just above the rear white dots, we all made bulleyes.

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I've put another 100 rounds of independence through the XDs and followed that with 8 HP's. Not a hickup. I did notice that Springfield Armory really intends the shooter to use the front fiber optic sight, With all sights aligned and a gentle trigger squeeze most hits were low. Keeping the front red optic up a little higher and the shotswere placed where I expected they would connect.

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That's weird, on mine i was putting the front sight at 6 o'clock of what i was aiming for, and it was dead on. Chasing cans all over the place. I've put another 50 rounds through mine and no issues. Does anybody else notice how hard you have to jerk the slide to hand cycle and make the round actually eject? The ejection port clearance is tight. Tight like nun pussy.

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