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i have a saiga 7.62x39 and i shoot bout 700 rnds per month.. the gun is overgassed so the carrier hits the trunnion everytime..i change the recoil spring to a wolff exra power spring and i still hits just not as bad..i have a black jack buffer and that helps a lot with the metal to metal contact.. what i wanna know is can the buffer cause more damage to the gun..like bend the rivits or something..? wut should i do? if i was rich i would just buy a bunch of 7.62x39's and change out parts whenever one breaks..but i am not..any opinions are welcome thankyou.

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Not sure of your issue exactly. When I posted pics of my Saiga and the contact points, at first I recieved a bunch of replies stateing it was too much. I then purchased a new spring with the same results. Then I bought a recoil buffer to correct it. Aound 1000 rounds later the rifle works fine, then I posted that in my original thread and recieved many replies from the folks that have been around AK plaform rifles for very long stating that the contact was normal.


Pics will help everybody determine the issue! Some contact is normal!

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It's not going to fix your problem at all. The proper way to fix your rifle is to remove the FSB and gas block. Weld up the gas port and redrill smaller. Reinstall gas block, hg retainer and FSB. If you don't do that you're just placing a band aid on it. This is all assuming its VERY overgassed and is rolling and peening the back of the carrier. If its not. Then I'd just shoot it the way it is

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