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What Were The Last Things That You Bought (Firearm Related)?

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Post pictures or tell us of what you have recently purchased!


I'll start it off...I got lucky, cashed in a few favors and got these greedy.gif


Springfield XDm 5.25 in 9mm with Trijicon RMR and Streamlight TLR-1S (currently getting its barrel jeweled):



Taurus 608s chambered in .357 with 6" barrels and 8 shot cylinders:



AES 10B after refinishing it:



PSL after refinishing it:






HK MP5 22lr


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MINE!   Automag IV .45 Winchester Magnum.   Hard to find, and companion to my Automag III.

Another wheel gun:  

Brought home the boys new rifle. Just need to cut the stock down a few inches and slick up the action a bit. Should be fun with some sub sonics.   Can you tell he likes it?

Posted Images

1 x 7.62x39 Brown Bear FMJ polycoat case, 500rd case. (5-1605c) = $119.95

1 x AK-47 steel 30 round magazines East European. Excellent to like new condition (4-643) = $15.95

43 x 308 WPA (WOLF) 145gr FMJ, 20rd box. (5-1298) = $309.60


Sub-Total: $445.41

Ground items-$59.12 and Handgun Air-$0.00: $59.12

Total: $504.53


1 x Saiga 12ga polymer 20rd Drum magazine by MD Arms, new. (4-871) = $99.95


Sub-Total: $99.95

Ground items-$14.95 and Handgun Air-$0.00: $14.95

Total: $114.90



Tromix S308


EDIT: Forgot about my Inner Demons Vertical Charging handle


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Last guns I bought within the last six months are AES-10B and two CZ-82s.


Last stuff I bought? Some Magpul anti-tilt followers, Wolff AR magazine extra-power springs - to rebuild a set of Galil steel mags. Also bought some Promag .223 AK magazines (without built-in bullet guide) to see how easily I can break them in the Saiga .223.


This seems like it could end up as a post-count thread.

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Thanks. Even though its a S&W this one was a CAI import from some police agency. $290! Mostly holster wear


Well ammo goes without saying. Palmetto state armory had free shipping a few week back so i picked up 500 rounds of 223 MFS

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Ammo ammo ammo and some after market accessories for the S-12 and WASR 10-63 I need to finish the rest of my toys before I buy another but you know how it is when you see one you just have to have the builds get pushed aside and a new toy is crammed into the safe I need another safe mine are reaching the brink

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Definitive Arms complete .223 Saiga converted rifle with built-in AR mag well.

(No pictures yet: it's being built as I type).


Considering squeezing my CC for ammo purchasing before Election rush.

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