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What Were The Last Things That You Bought (Firearm Related)?

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Another wheel gun:  

MINE!   Automag IV .45 Winchester Magnum.   Hard to find, and companion to my Automag III.

Brought home the boys new rifle. Just need to cut the stock down a few inches and slick up the action a bit. Should be fun with some sub sonics.   Can you tell he likes it?

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Looked at a few things I wanted. Got stupid (smart?) and bought them. Conversion stuff for my S-12. Everybody seems to be sold out of everything. Will be eating mac & cheese for awhile. Maybe Raman noodles.

I feel ya there, I keep blowing money on parts and ammo where I can find them. Thankfully, I have plenty of Ramen and Chef Boyardee stocked up (120 days worth) because I was prepped for 12.21.2012. Glad nothing happened, didn't really expect anything to, but I'd rather have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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sweet shotgun! I was looking at them, but had to go with a hand-me-down-able high-end gun. I think I see one in my future though!


I just spent another $25 on the NRA-ILA, and I managed to squeeze out a few more bucks for another handgun defense book, and my other one hasn't arrived yet!

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Got me 550 rounds of .223 hollow point ammo. Locally produced, and sub MOA @ 100yds in my Ladys .223 Bolt Rifle that she hunts with. Paid $300 for it, but it is top quality ammo made locally in a family business.. I just tell them what I want, and they load it up for me! Last week they delivered 750 rounds of .223 Hornady Z-max 55gr. bullets to me for an even better deal, because I provided the brass.

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I received a nice little range bag in the mail the other day from a renewed NRA membership. Thing looked a lot bigger in the membership ad picture, that's for sure. I'm gonna use it for a daily grab and go medical kit bag. Oh, last thing ammo related I picked up recently was five 20rd boxes of Federal .308 Power Shok 150 gr. $18.99 per box at a gas station here.

Took this kid (13) that used to live down the road from me plinking with a Gamo Whisper pellet gun I have. He had a blast shooting all the empty Coors cans I had next to my computer from all the recent posting here. It was outside, not next to my computer, if anyones wondering. He loves that pellet gun. He also has a 10/22 that his mom doesn't care for him to have and doesn't let him shoot that he wants to trade me for the Gamo. I"m gonna talk to his ma, and see if she'll go for a trade deal with me. Of course I'll pad him with a few extra bucks for the difference.

I really want a completely tricked out 10/22 that I'm gonna build with a heavy (probably Shilen) barrel, Volquartzen guts, and all the bells and whistles. I plan on dumping minimum of 1k into her. The 10/22 on the swap will give me my starting ground. Now, if I could ever again find some dog gone .22LR!!!



Cant find 22lr to save my life.




That is one club I joined that really sucks.

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I just recieved my order from CSS today. Mostly conversion stuff. HOWEVER, look in their "sale items - great deals" section. You will find a BARREL SHROUD SAIGA 12 'TORPEDO" It replaces the stock muzzle chunk from the factory and counts as a 922R compliant part. It is 100% PERCENT BADASS! VERY, very nice! Price can't be beat! It is SO worth the money. VERY high quality, VERY nice. It is so sleek, smooth and sexy and cool. Heavy duty, well built. Damn it, I am impressed! It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but it floats my boat. I also ordered a FREEZE model of hand guard from Fuglystick. It should be here tomorrow. I can't wait to see what my last conversion will look like with minimal, tasteful, but cool stuff added to it to make it comply, and to make it my own. I'm just stoked right now! I just have to figure out the color combo I want. (got the color, just need the pattern/combo) (as usual, Greg at CSS is the guy to go to for excelent service and FAST shipping!)

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.22 ammo from Academy. At $61 for 1400 it was worth the drive to get it. Besides, acquired a Ruger 22/45 target model Saturday for a sweet price from someone who didn't love it. Now it will have a good home and get exercised regularly!

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840 rounds of Federal 5.56. I am done for a while! WooHoo!

Where and for how much, if you don't mind?


Local Gander Mountain has 55-gr Federal .223 in bulk pack of 1,000 rounds for $499.

And Fiocchi 50-pack .223 for $24.

At least, both available; but no 5.56 in stock.


Yesterday, from my favorite places:

1) AK receiver tube from Carolina Shooters Supply.

2) Magpul MOE stock from Primary Arms.

3) MFT AK grip directly from Mission First Tactical.

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It was federal, and 5.56x45, 62 grain. XM855LC1 AC1


On stripper clips.


Delivered to my local gander mountain. 420 rounds/box. As i said it came in yesterday, and i bet its all gone now. However, i was trolling gander daily, twice/day whenever possible, cause i knew they were expecting a delivery. I am set up now and tired of the stress of trolling so i've stopped the intended visits just to troll.

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