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hey guys..so i have this draco quad rail i modded to fit on my saiga 7.62x39..it bolts togeather with 4 allen screws and does not require an upper hand gaurd retainer..it is very nice and works well but i had to grind on it a bit to get it to fit right cuz it was binding up the gas piston..now when i take my gas tube off i can see the the lower half of the gas block has a little more wear on it than the top..like the metal is a lil bit thinner..is this normal?

with the handgaurd bolted down tight i think it might be binding it just a little tiny bit..like not enough to matter cuz it cycles smoothly but enough to wear on the gas block a bit or the wear is normal.?

Any help is much appriciated thanks.

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i dont have a camera.. if u pretend this capitol "O" is wut u see when u look at the gas block strait on with the gas tube off the bottom of the gas block is worn more than the rest of the gas block like the piston is just barly bindin but not enough to efect the functionality of the gun and rubbing a wear spot where it makes contact.. the metal is a little thinner too..probobly normal

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