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New Adjustable Gas Block

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I can't comment on this particular adjustable gas block for the AK, but I can testify to the soundness of the principle. I just put a JP Enterprises adjustable gas block and tactical compensator on my CMMG .308 AR that was ridiculously overgassed. The adjustable gas block alone took the recoil down to .223 levels using 150 grain ammunition. 168 and 180 grain still have a little more kick, but not that much more than a standard 7.62x39. It wasn't the recoil that was bothering me as much as having to reset the rifle, bipod and all, after every shot. Quick follow up shots were impossible due to the recoil and muzzle jump. The adjustable gas block allowed me to tune it, and now it is much smoother and still reliable. Put 60 rounds of various ammo through it after tuning without a single FTE. So I can testify that the technology works.

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looks like it works similar the auto plug for the s12 I like it


Not really. With the above gas block, once you set gas pressures where you need it to cycle low powered ammo, then every shot occurs at the same pressures thereafter and does not self regulate as there is no valve and spring assembly like what is found on the autoplug. The threaded screw found on the above gas block is threaded long enough to completely cover the gas port. Adjustments are made by backing off the screw, uncovering the gas port little by little until the opening is just large enough to cycle the rifle reliably.

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Hate to bring up a long dead post, but with warranty guns and over gassed .223 guns and the such, I have an idea. I think I can make an insert similar in design to a k-baffle (think similar not same)

You could use a simple snap ring to install (or special snap rings of different thickness) to hold it in. The nice thing is, you just need snap ring pliers to install and an Allen wrench to adjust it, could be used on multiple guns.


It could either have multiple ports that screws block, or I like this one better, Allen set screw is also a replaceable jet, less precise tuning but replaceable and if you used three seperate screws there would be lots of adjustment

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Couldn't you just drill a hole in the side of the gas block where the gas port is ?, thread it, and use an allen head set screw with a jam nut. It might not be as cool looking as a whole new gas block assy. but it should do the same thing.

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