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Hey everyone...


Ok so I was thinking of getting a Sig p250 compact in .45. Anyone own one? I've always heard good things about Sigs. Also, in my quick, less than thorough search for mags they seem really pricey. Any good places to buy reasonable mags? As of today I can land a p250 in .45 for 388$ which seems like a pretty damn good deal.

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I've got two Sig 45ACPs the P220 and the P245, I like em. The P250 seems to be a whole new thing as it can shoot 9mm, 40, 45, 357 Sig and can be either full sized or compact depending on the grip used. Pretty neat concept, a modular system. I tried some ProMag magazines for mine and they gave me some trouble so all I get are Sig factory mags now, yeah they're pricey but they work and you only have to buy them once.


Oh, and $388 sounds like a good deal, a new P220 (45ACP) costs around $800.

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I've got one in 9mm. It's beenan excellent gun. One day for shit and giggles, two friends and I went to the range, with almost1000 of ammo and burned through as fast a we could with the p250. Steel cased, brass, fmj, hollow points, it doesn't care, eats them all. I've never had one malfunction from mine. The modular system is nice, but honestly it's almost worth it to just get a second gun.

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