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Best scope/mount.

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If you don’t mind going to follow this topic just to see if any additional comments are added for mounting. FWIW I just completed my Saiga 308 and I installed a mount much like this eBay listed AK Saiga Side Scope Mount Riser Picatinny Weaver Rail (minus the logo). I purchased a Burris 3x-9x40mm-Fullfield for my 308 at the recommendation a member in another forum. I think mine came in just under $190 shipped. I’ve had the smaller 2x7 Burris scopes a few years for my 223/556 rifles and no complaints whatsoever, I believe they are Lifetime Warranty and a US company.So if you are still in the market for a scope take a look at Burris scopes



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Standard PK-AS is fantastic... Or get an NPZ PO4x24 and swap the mount to the standard POSP AK style mount to correct the eye relief as the AK mount from NPZ puts the optic too far rearward.


Not going to find better options unless you get an RS mount and slap on an aimpoint... But even then the PKAS is a better suited optic for the platform than an aimpoint, much more precise and better for general use since it has NO impact what so ever on your iron sight picture.

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