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Questions about modifications...

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Picked up my MKA1919 yesterday and really like it but I have some questions about making some modifications. I'm thinking about changing a few things. The stock, the grip and the handguard. Not sure which stock adapter I'm going with. Don't know anyone that has the Firebird adapter instock. I kind of like the looks of Tony's(Tromix) adapter more anyway. I'd like to put a Magpul ACS stock on it, so what would I need to make an AR buffertube/receiver extension fit onto Tony's adapter? Looks like I'd need an ACE Stocks "Hognose" adapter, am I right?


Also, how hard is it to mod the receiver to install Tony's grip adapter? I know that you have to cut off the factory grip, but how hard is the procedure to do? Is it a precision job? Can a person do this themself?


I really like the Firebird aluminum handguard. Will be thinking of adding one when they are released.


Thanks for any help!!



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Well if you want to add a stock and/or pistol grip, you'd have to make your 1919 922r compliant first (or was it if you wanted to use high cap mags? I cant remember. Either ways, we all know youre gonna get a highcap mag anyways so you might as well make your 1919 shotgun 922r compliant)


Buy a Tromix trigger for $25 ish (counts as 2 parts), or send your lower in to FireBird and have them install their AR-15 style trigger (counts as 3 parts)

Buy a Tromix gas piston

and then buy a US made choke (gunsumer reports has a good article about all of this. Their choke replacement is pretty tacticool wink.png )


What you'll need for a buttstock modification


1. Some kind of saw (hacksaw works fine, but table saws are cleaner cut)

2. Dremel or sanding disc (or sandpaper if you have zen-like patience)

3. Tromix adapter

For AR-style stock

4. Pig nose adapter

5. Milspec or commercial buffer tube

6. Buttstock of choice


If you want to make it a side folding stock, they sell side folding mechanisms for as cheap as $60 methinks

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