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New Glock drums coming

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New Glock drums coming in October. Check your favorite vendors for pricing. 9mm is a 50 round drum. .40 cal is a 48 round drum.





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I hope like hell that they work better than the crap .45 drum and .22 drums from ProPuke. But they are cheaper than the BetaCo drums. 1/2 as many rounds for 1/4 the money won't be too bad, but they have to work and be able to be loaded with a full 50 rounds and FEED each round. I'd be in for 2-3 of them and also some drums to fit the 92FS, I have the 30 round factory Beretta mags, they work great, I just want more capacity.

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could they be made to fit a sigma



anything can be modified. I made a PPS43 drum, there was no such drum made for the 43, but with a little ingenuity, I used a PPS43 stick mag for the feedtower and welded it on top of the PPSH 41 - 70 round drum, and it works perfectly





with a little ingenuity you can make it work for a SIGMA, providing the width of a GLOCK 9mm mag is the same width as a SIGMA mag. there is no doubt a spacer is in that feed tower, so that it's a single column, like the AK drum, XS drum.

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I've never had issues with SGM mags before, so I'm looking forward to trying these out too. I've got an older SUB 9 from Kel Tec (before they made the polymer SUB 2000). Low serial number too. Should be fun with a drum.




By the way, here's a vid of the drum:



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I have no need for one of these.........yet I really want one!

Whoa! just noticed the price! I can't remember the last drum I bought that was under $100.00.

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Got mine on order, not due until some time in December, but hope in runs good. The G19 is fun to shoot and the drum will only add to the fun. I can also use in on my Keltec rifle.

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