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New Glock drums coming

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I hope like hell that they work better than the crap .45 drum and .22 drums from ProPuke. But they are cheaper than the BetaCo drums. 1/2 as many rounds for 1/4 the money won't be too bad, but they have to work and be able to be loaded with a full 50 rounds and FEED each round. I'd be in for 2-3 of them and also some drums to fit the 92FS, I have the 30 round factory Beretta mags, they work great, I just want more capacity.

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could they be made to fit a sigma



anything can be modified. I made a PPS43 drum, there was no such drum made for the 43, but with a little ingenuity, I used a PPS43 stick mag for the feedtower and welded it on top of the PPSH 41 - 70 round drum, and it works perfectly





with a little ingenuity you can make it work for a SIGMA, providing the width of a GLOCK 9mm mag is the same width as a SIGMA mag. there is no doubt a spacer is in that feed tower, so that it's a single column, like the AK drum, XS drum.

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