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Where can I get Saiga .308 wooden stocks?

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I have a Saiga .308 sporter. I like the look/feel and want to keep it a sporter. However, I really like the wooden buttstock and forearm that some of the Saiga sporters come with. I just didn't know about those versions before I bought mine.


So, knowing how many of you LOVE to convert your Saiga's, I was hoping someone would have a set of the factory Saiga .308 Sporter wooden stock/forearm that you would be willing to sell to me.


OR, you would know of some place I can buy them without spending half the cost of the gun.


I know RWS has them listed, but they won't have them available until 2013 [i just got off the phone with them] and I'd like to have the stock changed out before Christmas.


Do any of you have any suggestions?


No, I will not be converting this gun, so 'convert it and have many options' is not an option.



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I have a post going in the classifieds right now looking for the furniture as well. I saw a set on gunbroker for $150 this morning. I like the look of wood but for me I don't care enough to spend that much. I emailed all the recommended channels and Izhmash directly but no one has anything cheaper (that I could find). As for me, I plan on carving my own foregrip then converting so the buttstock won't be hard to get a cheap replacement for. Good luck!

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