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Saiga 12 ver 30 vs VEPR 12

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Go with the Vepr, auto-regulating, hinged/railed top cover, mag well with plentiful mags, cheaper. The Saigas will come down in cost or sit on shelves. At least wait for a price drop with the Saigas or a converted version. IMHO, YMMV


The Saiga 030 model has the same gas system, hinged top cover, mag-well, and available SMG magazines just like the VEPR-12.


The VEPR-12 has a thicker receiver, better saftey mechanism, and the MOLOT factory has better QC (from what I have read) and better barrel technology.


I have the Saiga 030 model (IZ433A), and if I was starting from scratch right now I'd go with the VEPR, mainly because it's a bit cheaper. For what I'll be using it for either one will do the job just fine though

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I would go with the Vepr over the 030 both are similar configurations however the quality of MOLOT over Izhmash is truely unmatched.. and the V12 is cheaper from the start imo will only climb in value over time.



plus no conversion needed, vepr mags are cheaper. I know they say the vepr and 030 mags are not compatible however that's just something ill have to see for myself. they both have the same looking style magwells...

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I thought they would be interchangeable however I could of swore I read somewhere SGM vepr mags wouldn't work in the 030

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It was posted that the ini

Where can one find VEPR Mags?


I read the mags will be avialble around the time the rifles hit the market.

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I found that post concerning SGM Vepr and 030 mags..



Ok we thought the Izzy 030 model mags would work but they don't. Keep in mind we didn't make or convert anything on these shotguns. They are being imported just like the picture except the Molot buttstock is a wood laminate. It looks like since the Molot has a lrbho and a bolt hold open device things are just a little different. I am not certain if a quick modification to the mags will work so we are making a new mag so all the features on the shotgun will operate properly. So we will have the legion model mags (which are in stock) and the new Vepr 12 mags.


As for pricing they will be the same as all of our other magwell mags, no reason to be greedy :)

Thanks for the kind words, we are working very hard to launch these shotguns with mags ready to go at the same time.



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I'll have a V12 in my hands in a few weeks so I'll do a bit of a comparison with the three 030 clones I've built. I suspect I'll find them very close to each other.



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