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G2 trigger in VEPR 7.62x54R ??

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Has anyone put a complete G2 trigger set into the 54R version of a VEPR yet on here?


Is there any special things to know??


I read its pretty easy and maybe just the safety lever needs a tweak..

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I have one ,big difference compare to the original one ,had to tweak a little.


Going to shoot stock 1st for abit..


Can you get specific on the tweaks...??

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Look at the hammer very closely. The Vepr hammer has a large cut out to clear the cross pin that the G2 doesn't have. You either have to do a lot of dremel work or have a friend with a mill.

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Heres a picture of the 54R hammer next to a factory Saiga.. I see the NOTCH for that cross post is pretty deep..




Heres a picture with the 54R inside removed..




Heres a picture of the FCG and the Saiga hammer.. note mine came with the retainer plate and not the WIRE crook.. (don't know if thats the norm..).. Also the FCG is captured together on a tube with rolled over ends.. nothing to fly apart..




Heres is a Tapco G2 next to a Saiga factory.. the notch is slightly deeper than factory, but I can see when some dremel-fu or milling may be needed..




Can the G2 trigger and disconnect work with the factory hammer maybe?? (ala how some people do with the Saiga setups to avoid grinding the G2 for the width of the BHO)...


Um otherwise.. is the gas piston the same as a regular AK type?? that may be the only compliant part I can phathom doing if I can't come up with any other parts for 922r..


I may want to do a US stock, US PG, and US hanguard.. and then just run SGM (USA) mags (3 parts).. but think I need to do 4 parts to get a balance of 10 and under..


I'd rather swap the trigger and disconnect and then maybe do a piston change..



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I'll check with our machinist and see what we can sell the modified trigger set for. We're not set up for direct sales, no way to take CC or personal checks, but I may have a way around that.

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That would rock..


I'm in for 1 from the gate.. maybe a reseller like CSS would throw it under their VEPR category.. the 54R is the one most will find issues with G2 fitment.. could be a niche market..

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From a post on AKfiles:


The gas piston is different on the Vepr54r, it is made lighter (as in thinner) than a regular AK piston, hell the complete bolt carrier and piston assembly on the Vepr54r is lighter than a AMD 65 bolt carrier and piston assembly.


There is a lightening groove cut along the top of the bolt carrier that exposes the recoil spring (there are 2 springs in the recoil assembly), also there is a lightening hole drilled the length of the right side of the bolt carrier


Even if you could fit a regular AK gas piston onto the carrier I would be afraid of how it might affect cycling.

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