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Any plans for Drum Mags?

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There is the maxrounds if you can get it and have the cash. One version even worked with 3" shells. Granted I would much rather have a hundred dollar MD drum that works with the magwell.

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I'm hopeful that someone will make a 10 round drum for us out here in the USSRC (United States Socialist Republic of CA)!
The best thing they could do is design a 20 with a limiter of some sort so they'd have a universal product and broader market.

Even if I lived in CA, I would rather have four 10-round stick mags for $135 than one 10-round drum for $135. Are you really feigning for a drum that bad?

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Hey Tactical_T you're right about the sticks vs drum. They're easier to load, less bulky and easier to carry in your case...

That said, like everything in life... those things that are hard to get or seem impossible are the things we try even harder to get our hands on!

Actually, It's not about the function or anything along those lines, they just look cool and it would be fun to have along side my Auto Ordnance Thompson Tommy .45

It's kind of the same with the VEPR... totally unnecessary but it's cool and I wanted to add it to the collection but the fact is that it does shoot well!


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