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Any ever take the Front Sight Block off of a Century Arms AKM 60?

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After removing and pushing back the front sight block off of a Saiga .308, I figured I was smart enough to fix the canted sight on my Century Arms milled receiver Polish AKM 60. Apparently not that easy. I took out the pins and bashed away at it with a soft mallet but the sucker won't move. Any chance these are threaded on?






Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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The FSB is pressed on, not threaded. If you can't get it off with some serious effort from a plastic mallot/dead blow, then it needs to be pressed off.


If you have some unique clamp vises around, you may be able to rig something up to avoid having to use a press. I've pressed out gas and sight blocks from barrel stubs with a stadard bench vise, but that's pretty easy to do since you don't have to deal with a rifle being attached to the other end of the barrel.

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I used two pipe clamps and a u shaped piece of 1/2 steel plate shaped to the od of my barrel just behind the sight and a 12" long piece of round stock with with another piece of 1/2 steel plate to clamp to on the other end of the round stock.I put a brass washer between the barrel crown and bar stock so not to mess it up under pressure.this was on my s308.Hope this helps

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