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Saiga-12 with Magpul 870 fore-end

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I know I'm not the first guy to do this, SICARIO was, but I may be the second lol. I really liked the way the S12 looks with it on his. His is two tone, black & FDE, his main color is FDE with black while mine is black with FDE. His Magpul 870 fore-end is black and I needed the one in FDE but had to wait while they were in production. It came in the mail today and tomorrow I will modify it to fit. I'm in school to be a machinist so I'll do everything on a mill. I plain to take quality photos/video and it will do a video on it. Just wanted to let you all know and to gauge interest in a video for it.


Here's the video!



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Strong work!


How about some closeups and details of what's all involved in the mod process?


Im going to be making a video on doing it


That looks awesome. Do you think it's possible to put a surefire 870 fore end with the integrated light on the s12?



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Looks great!


Here is what the Mod looks like on the inside of the grip. I did mine with a dremel and cutting wheel, but a mill would leave cleaner cuts. You really only need to take off the top portion of the tube, and then clean it up wherever it's catching on the gun itself.




The only thing I can see it needs is a tang that will help mate it up to the receiver. Otherwise the handguard will start to slide under the heavy recoil. Here's a CAD model pic of what I have designed. I can post a pic with dimensions if people would like




Oh, and of course, I get to show off too......



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So, right now it is not attached to the receiver? You're just butting it up to the receiver and holding it on there with one screw into the FGB?


That's how I have it on. It works well as is, but after a whole day of shooting, it can slide a little. Once the tab is installed, it should be rock solid.

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W....T....F needs to happen to get this installed on my S12 right now. no, srsly, like right now.


Well you could buy the forend and send it to me and I'll do it for a fee...OR you could buy the forend and wait till next week when Im done with the "how to" video and do it yourself!


Its up to you lol

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Ok the video will be coming next week but I thought Id do a quick write up for you guys on how I did it.


1st remove the polymer between the two sides. I used a mill but a dremel or hack saw would work.



Next I bored out a recess to secure the hardware to the gas block and to the "receiver tab"



Next I made a "receiver tab" to fit in the slot on the for-end. Drilled and tapped both ends for hardware.



Next the "receiver tab" needs to be bent to fit into the receiver.



Then you can attach the hand guard to the receiver easily if you already have the rock-n-lock guide installed.



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