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Ruger Sp101 with Wolff springs

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Since I had the handy trigger pull gauge out, thought I would share what a little elbow grease + Wolff Springs can do to your revolver. The Ruger had a really stiff DA trigger pull of around 10lb's and that annoyed the hell out of me. Just replacing the trigger and hammer spring alone dropped it down to a more manageable pull.



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I bought the Wilson Combat spring kit for my spurless DAO SP101. Never got to install them before I left SC, though.


Did you have any issues with light strikes or anything after the spring swap?


zero issues, already had hundreds of rounds downrange with it (.38, .357, .38 +P)

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I'll have to do the Wolf springs for my SP101. Once I get one. lol


I've been wanting one for years but always had other priorities. Then last week I started looking again and there are none to be found except on GB. And those are overpriced. But I can wait. The panic will end eventually, and it's a 5 shot revolver. Those should be the last things to get banned.

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I did the Wolff spring conversion on my SP101 in 2000, and the DA trigger is now AWESOME.red_heart.gif

Not much different on SA, but that wasn't the point.


Easy to do and I got the kit from Midway.


Macbeau sends...

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