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New chais tri rail now no md 20 :(

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Recently just got a chaos tri tail and went to the range to test it. The first Mag of buckshot and some birdshot went threw like nothing but then I load up the md20 and it's just a jam fest til like the tenth round then it doesn't act up. My saiga is a 09 with I know forsure three holes( might be 4 never checked!) and she's always ran like a champ even with the drum. Has any one else experienced this?

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take the rail off and shoot it, ,see if it cycles, just a few shots so it doesn't heat up or wear gloves, then put it back on and slowly tighten and shoot, it may have compressed the gas tube binding up the bolt carrier.


how does it hand cycle with tthe rail tightened down all the way, if you have trouble cycling it by hand then it may be bound up. loosen the screws and keep hand cycling it. obviously while empty or using snap caps for saftey

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Im pretty sure that it Is the top slot that goes on the rail.the vent hole is almost all the way up against the top part. I remember now to when I first got my saiga I tried putting a Tapco infuse rail on it and it was even worse I couldn't go through a mag. Atleast now mags run its just the drum now! I'm going to try shooting it with no rail then just the bottom piece of the rail then if anything drill a hole for the vent!! thanks for the quick reply guys hopefully I get it working because I love the md 20. I Also had it tightend all the way so I could be that also

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