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Saiga .308 conversion 922r compliance...

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Hi, my name is jaret, and i just converted my saiga .308. here is what i did...


took off the bottom plate on the reciever

installed a us made hammer

installed a us made trigger group

installed a us made stock, and verticle pistol grip

re welded on the triger guard

installed a usmade forward rail

added a forward grip


here is a link to the full thread i posted about it. http://www.amarillogunowners.com/index.php?topic=8658.0


what i need to know is this...


im not sure what parts the .308 has on the list of import parts. http://www.tapco.com/section922r/


i need to know if currently i am complient, or if i need to change other parts. If i need to change some of the parts, could someone show me an image or part number for that part on here. http://img411.imageshack.us/img411/596/explodedsaiga1206.jpg and possibly link an US alternitive.


or perhaps just show the non complient parts on that image...


anyway, any help would be extremely helpful as the entire thing is quite confusing.

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You had 14 imported parts, you replaced 4 and added 1. Congrats you have 10 or fewer imported parts on your rifle, you may go out and play. You'll have 7 or less imported parts with any of the available magazines over 10 rounds (including my steel mags) should you wish to use magazines over 10 rounds.

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the floor plate is the bottom of the magazine that hods the spring in and the follower pushes the shells to the top, the forearm is the part you put your front hand on to keep from burning it on the barrel, the sear is the third part that you get when yo buy a US trigger set,( hammer, trigger and sear) it holds the hammer back after the bolt cycles before you release the trigger for the next trigger pull. thats the part that makes it a functioning semi auto

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yes has to be US parts to count. A magazine is 3 US PARTS. you can recycle the trigger housing by trimming it or replace it with a bolt on.

FYI the saftey isn't going to be long enough to keep the trigger from preventing the gun from firing. At least mine wasn't and I've seen posts about others. it just needs to be extended

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ive alredy arrainged to have dizng fix my safety. it prevents the gun from fireing while engaged, but it will fire when disengaging the safety if you pull the trigger while the safety is engaged.


but i dont think my full Q was answered,


where is the trigger housing, and if i add a forward grip that is foregn will it count against my parts even though i replaced the forearm?

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where is the trigger housing, and if i add a forward grip that is foregn will it count against my parts even though i replaced the forearm?

If you have installed a US made forearm, and THEN add an additional vertical hand grip to that, it will not count against you. If you have added a US made forearm and then remove that to replace with a foreign one, it is not in compliance anymore because you have removed a US part with a foreign one. (http://gunwiki.net/Gunwiki/BuildAkVerifyCompliance) from Indy's sticky thread in the 308 main page, keep your eye on these parts, and you will remain compliant

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