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Vepr 308 and Saiga 308 side by side

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So i have a saiga 308 with 22 inch barrel and a Vepr 308 with 20 inch barrel and a super vepr 308, wanted to do a little comparison of the three.post-40466-0-19951900-1350348604_thumb.jpg

here are the barreled actions of the saiga and the vepr 308 side by side.



Here you see the top is the vepr, it came with the threads already there with a cap on the end.


The top is the vepr, so you can see the differences in gas block and sight block.



Here you can see the thickness of the saiga 308 reciever, it is around 1.12 to 1.20 mm thick, i cut off my tang for the ace reciever block.



Here is the vepr 308, the thickness is around 1.5 mm thick, so the advertisement is true, it really is thicker.



This is the vepr 308, the barrel from the rear sight block to the gas block has no taper and is around .800 of an inch.



This is the vepr 308, the barrel from the gas block to the front sight post is around .700 down to .644 at the front post, so a slight taper.


This is the saiga 308, the barrel is actually thicker by the rear sight block at around .855 of an inch.

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This is the saiga 308 just before the gas block, its around .751 of an inch.



So these last two are of the saiga 308 again from gas block to front sight post, for some reason i got the barrel thicker at the end than by the gas block, i think that is a measurement error, it looks like there is no taper from gas block on down to front sight block and the measurement is anywhere from .686 of and inch to .693 of an inch, so sorry, i am not perfect.


Magazines do not interchange, the shape of the magwells are different, if anyone wants to widen and modify thats for them to decide, i am not gonna mess with that.



As you can see, saiga 308 on the top, Vepr 308 on the bottom, the saiga barrel starts out thicker than the vepr one but tapers down toward the gas block, the vepr barrel is one diameter up to the gas block, then steps down to a smaller size. There it is folks, been searching the web and nobody seems to have the actual specs and sizes without b.s. so take it or leave it, some of the sizes may not be super exact, i am not an expert but i did my best and they are pretty close.


Based on what we see i dont know which is best, the saiga has a thicker barrel near the chamber, i dont know if that makes it better or what, do barrels without taper do better? like the vepr? or thicker is better? but with these slight variances i believe the difference is minute, they both shoot great.

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