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Just got My Vepr Ver 02

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Congrats! These things really are hard to beat. Especially at the price you got! I love the look of the 02 models, but I perfer the slightly longer sight radius. I'd say though that wouldnt be that noticeable on a 16" bbl, but maybe moreso on the 20". Either way, nice score bro!


I want another one bad!

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I know! I want one in every caliber. The short sight radius of the version 2 didnt deter me much. I will most likely keep my POSP on it at all times. It also looks a little bit cooler. What kind of accuracy are you getting? I am going shooting at least once this weekend I hope I am pleasantly surprised.







Vepr 5.45x39 Ver02

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I feel you will be. With irons, I was hitting a 8x4" target at 100yds with ease. I didnt rest shoot mine yet. So I cant say exactly what to expect. But I will say that they are more accurate than my other AK's. Im thinking if I do my part with a good optic, I should be able to bring mine in at around 2 moa or so.


And the 02 does look sick. One in every caliber would be nice, but then Id be a broke ho.

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Nice.. I went with the Ver 01 for 54R as I'd like the ability if need be to replace the gastube with a standard AK one.. the Ver 2 is like an 1" or so longer..


Shooting the 545x39 corrosive stuff this may later become an issue if users fail to clean the gastube from the 'salts'..


I may go to 545x39 next but in the Ver 01 flavor.. still recovering from the $1100 I got into my 54R at this point..

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