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Mounting Laser Under AMD65 Barrel?

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I was thinking about getting an M92 for my truck, but then I saw the AMD65. It looks like it's exactly what I need. Not fancy, but a compact folding AK made specifically for people in vehicles. I ordered one from Bud's.


I am planning to put a cheap Chinese laser on this thing, under the barrel. I don't want it beside the barrel because it will get banged around. If it's in the same plane as the rest of the gun, the whole thing will lie flatter with less aggravation.


I'll need a rail. I've been looking at various models. I don't want to put a $200 system on a cheap gun. Can anyone recommend something cheap and reliable? All I need is a single rail under the handguard. I'm thinking I might have to get a new rail-mounted foregrip in order to do this. Either that, or drill a couple of holes in the existing sheet metal and mount a little rail.

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You can buy mill spec rail in 2",4" & 6" lengths predrilled from many vendors then just drill a hole in your hand guard for mounting. Then choose the laser if your choice. Utg makes a quad rail for around $65.

Also somebody makes a clamp on barrel rail.

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Leapers/UTG make a good made in USA railed front handguard for the AMD65 for about $60. The top rail has about 2" of overhang, but its easy to cut off to keep from hanging on something. Make sure it's the USA made one, there was version made in China.

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I ended up with Hogue furniture and a foregrip I found on Amazon.


I regret getting the Hogue handguard, because it flexes slightly, and the laser is mounted on it, so the dot can move a tiny bit. It doesn't really matter; the laser is for close-up work, and the dot probably moves about an inch at fifty feet. But still.


The Hogue grip is great. I had to use a rotary tool to make a hole in it for the stock release button, but it looks wonderful.


The laser was kind of annoying. I got one on Ebay, and it turned out it did not come with pushbutton switch. It had a pressure switch and a "constant on" cap, which seems like a moronic invention. It worked out well, because I can leave the cap out a couple of turns and then install it in the grip, and when I use the grip's pushbutton to press on the back of the laser, the beam turns on. I can throw the cap on the lathe and fix it so it works this way even when it's tight. I don't mind modifying it, since it seems totally stupid as-is.


Now all I need is a second sling loop. I guess I can get something from Brownell's.




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