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Range #2 Trip with Scope and 148gr and 182gr

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I used my new Sightron 3-9x40 scope with mil-dot today..


Shooting at 200 yards after starting at 100 yards..


20.5" VEPR in 762x54R




The 148gr was scattered.. but I ran out to early after blowing 40 rounds at 25 and 100 yards to get scope setup..




Without adjustment from the 148gr volley I was shooting low with the 182gr at 200 yards.. normal per se..




Some adjustment up.. from the bottom..




Final 200 yards with 182gr.. figure a 2" x 4" area for those..




Note only 4/5 rounds hit as my VLTOR stock screws loosened up.. (not loc-tighted yet)..


Which caused the other 6 shots (5 from 2nd mag and 1 from the above group) were in the head.. LoL..


Scope held zero GREAT.. I came home though and adjusted my LOP by 1 notch in the VLTOR tube.. the scope is 3.6-4.5 eye relief pending on the power factor.


I feel fairly confident in the 182gr.. I just kept wacking it and it kept hitting within say a 4-5" area at 200 yards..


So I can say safely that mine is like 1 3/4 - 2 MOA..


Will try again with the 148 gr but think I will need to bring down the scope about 1" for that..

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I found the 100 yard target on my phone, before backing out to 200 yards..


This is an AR15 zero target.. squares are 1/4".. so figure a 4 shot 1 1/2" group. (2 shots in 1 hole touching the black)..



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