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7.62x54R VEPR BOLT.. I want a spare.. anyone??

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I have about 340 rounds thru my VEPR in 54R.. and got to thinking..


I know someone on here (mfg) makes a spare Saiga 12 bolt carrier. (can't remember whom).. R&R


Can a manufacturer (from here) chime in..


I'd be willing to spend up to $125 for a spare BOLT with extractor and spring.. (not carrier)


I'm am sure with the VEPR 54R craze going on this would be more needed than most things..


I called TGI and WPA and they don't sell spares..


The smaller calibers appear to be able to use regular AK ones.. the 54R is an entirely different beast..


I'd be willing to send mine to any MFG (on here) that wants to spec it.. (for up to 2-3 weeks if needed)..

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Just a note. Don't send yours to anyone claiming they can make a spare.


The machines to production build parts like these are in the $250,000-$500,000 range. If they can't buy a rifle to take sizes off, they don't have the machines to cut them.


Ps AK bolts are not drop in parts, they have to be head spaced to be safe, which makes them a bit of a liability issue.

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Have you ever seen a broken bolt on any ak? I personally have never seen anyone have a broken bolt that is factory made, why would you need one anyway. I have heard of one ak74 having an issue, but that rifle was built from a parts kit by some company and you really don't know the condition of your parts until you get them, and with one of those ak build companies, I dont think they do a super good inspection before they build. So I really don't think there is that big of a need for it.

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WPA claims that they "hope" to have spare parts available soon. Of course, as stated, bolts would need to have headspace adjusted.


I would be happy if firing pins (not supposed to dry fire these) and extractors (heard of a busted one) were available.


One time when I first got my azoom 54r snap caps I tried to chamber one but it was shorter than the surplus I was using. The magazine had to be pressed in so theres no slack in order for it to chamber. I didn't know this the first time, and it made me dryfire the gun without a snapcap once and I was in shock for a second.


Maybe whoever makes the extra firing pins for the S12 could whip up some vepr 54r pins? Sounds like they could maybe help, I dont know. I would buy some.

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