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Hey Saiga clan,


(Hope I didn't overlook or missed the discussion on topic).


I am looking for my "dream rifle case" and thought: why there are no Saiga-branded cases around?

I understand that "Saiga" name could be trademarked and owned by Izhmash (I don't know for a fact, but I guess it is).


How about Forum's own "Saiga-12" or "Saiga-12.com"?

MAKC, Mods: any suggestions?


With all talents and resources we have here, there should be a way for someone to come out with worthy designs, specific to Saiga rifles (my primary interest, since I'm in AK clones; specifically in folders) and shotguns.


I keep digging for a padded soft case for ages, and most what I see are entry-level (read: "cheep arse") or high-end AR-tailored ones.

I've had few so-called "assault rifle" cases and gave them away.

Finally I stumbled upon the SIG case and liked it a lot.

It's tailored for SIG556/516 with suitable layout and dimensions for AK clone.

But since I don't have SIG, I care less about promoting the brand.


Any ideas?

Any risk takers?

I wish I've had resources and skills.


Happy Shooting!

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I can screenprint any fabric that will take the heat... 350 deg surface temp for 30-45F sec (Chamber temp is about 650F)

or I can cut thermal transfer film

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That's great!


We're moving in a right directions.


I guess, we need to reach consensus on bag size and design first.

Maybe we should start with very basic stuff:


1) Will it be "one-size-fits-all" or few models (rifles and shotguns, 16" and 20" barrels)?

2) "Discreet" or "Tactical" (smooth and flat or M.O.L.L.E. with mags/accessories pockets outside)?


Personally I think it's inevitable to have few sizes, starting with "as is" (factory OEM) Saiga length, but with room for converted configuration (pistol grip) and optics.


IMPORTANT TO ME: I won't take any part in venture ending up in outsourcing.

I will walk away once there is a chance of any other tag than red, white and blue "Made in U.S.A.".


Call me naive, business-incompetent or anything you wish, but it's a "NO", actually "NEVER" for me.

I'll pay few bucks more (and it's not that much more, since despite much cheaper labor and materials, outsourcing carries much heavier "overhead": greedy skimmers' add-on fees, local taxations, bribes/kickback/payoffs to layers of corrupted officials, ever-rising transportation costs, customs, etc).

I'll give my hard earned greens to Joe and Jane, employing LEGAL workforce and cranking our bags in their "mom-and-pop" shop, and will throw a case of beer on a top of my no-receipt-necessary cashola.


So, here we go.

My suggestion: for starters, let's take basic rifle (16" barrel") and shotguns' specs and start there.


I'll gather some data and come out with "stick man sketch", but I think 35" in rifle length is a good start.

I'll also tap my friend, Veteran Paratrooper, who owns small company, specializing in AK accessories (chest rigs, pouches, etc).

Great quality, US-made, benefiting charities and great causes.

Not to pimp him up and definitely not to violate Forum's T&C, his company name is Strikehard Gear.

(Look him up, but don't hit him about the case, since I haven't talk to him yet).

In the worst case scenario, I could get some pointers.


Let's do it!

Happy Shooting!


P.S. Jaggernaut: I've been fooling around with (primitive) silkscreening (and so with basic graphic design) in my distant past, so your Facebook shop picture got me excited. Thanks again!

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Initial, very positive response from prospective designer and manufacturer received!


I will sketch something this weekend and post for review.

In a mean time, any inputs and suggestions welcome here.

I'm also thinking hitting the individual forums for their feedback, but keep this thread as main SITREP source.

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I'm not manufacturer, nor seller, and will never make a penny out of this community project.


in a mean time, if you anyone considers it a spamming, I've contacted Mods on deletion all but this post.


P.S. Edited as well. Chevyman097: I respect your opinion and appreciate the feedback, even though I disagree.

But this is America, and we don't have to cut each other's throat to prove the point.

Edited by Sgt. Raven
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Dude, what gave you a reason calling me a douche bag?

Do you know me?

I'm not offended, since I don't feel any maturity coming through.


I'm not manufacturer, nor seller, and will never make a penny out of this community project.

Check your bearings.


in a mean time, if you consider it a spamming, I'm contacting Mods on deletion all but this post.


You obviously havnt been on the internet long. Its pretty self explanatory. There is no need to post 12 of the same topics all over the forum. Why would that even seem normal in the least? Im not offended either as I dont see any common sense coming through.

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At this point I'm thinking of "soft" (padded) but "modular" case.

Just had first discussion with prospective manufacturer, who has very refreshing ideas; far beyond my initial fantasies.


I'd like to start with a list of "don't likes" about the off-the-shelf cases, and knock them down and out of the way first.

(Something like thin padding, cheap mag pouch flaps, poor fit of "one-size-fits-all", cheap hardware, limited or no onboard storage, etc).


Standby for updates.

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