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New Longer AR Style Aluminum Forearm for the Saiga 12

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New Longer version can be used with our barrel shrouds without a gap between them.

AR Style Vented Aluminum Forearm for the Saiga 12.
Gives your Saiga 12 the same look and feel as your AR's.
1 Piece design machined from sold billet aluminum.
Made in the USA and counts for 1 922r compliant part.
Weighs 7.8oz.
Milspec flat black hard coat anodized for the most durable finish.

Optional Rail Sets (sold separately) can be secured in numerous positions to attach any lights, lasers and vertical grips.







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Any chance of getting one of those without the front end machined out, so the front is solid? Still machined back far enough for the tac47 auto plug or other extended gas plug? Pretty much like the SVD hand guard?


Like this:gallery_24335_720_551319.jpg



If you could add in this modification as an option maybe?, IMO and im sure a few others would agree that it would be more attractive as it would resemble an SVD hand guard. You could even go as far as leaving out all but the correct 12 vent slots but personally I think it looks better with as many slots as you have on there. would make a great 922r part replacement for my S12. I wouldnt imagine it would cost any more production wise as its removing less material. I donno. just a thought. wanted to see what you thought about it.

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maybe if you could extend it out a bit more too? if thats not asking too much already? Dont mean to be all picky, it was just an idea I had. I was looking at my S12 and have another that that forearm would fit perfectly, I would just want it a little longer and with the front part of the forearm still there like the SVD forearm in the picture. I know the mounts are different than my picture which is fine, it going on my other s12 with the correct mount for the forearm.


but yeah, just wanted to run it past you, great looking forearm either way :D

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will this work on vepr 12 shotguns? and there is only one option on your website. is that the new longer one for use with a shroud?

It will not work on a Vepr 12.

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Is only thing in the way the lower hand guard retainer and sling attachment points?

There is an upper retainging bracket on the Vepr12 gas tube that is also in the way. The Vepr 12 also does not have a gas block screw hole to mount it with.

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