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In the season and in the times like this, when everything in the industry is going up in price,

K-Var is doing something amazing once again and is bringing you the deal of the year!




Only $779


The SGL12-07, the new variation of the highly anticipated and in-demand factory Russian Saiga 12 shotgun for the amazingly low price of $779!


That is right, only $779 for a Russian 12-gauge shotgun that incorporates a mil-spec original Russian buttstock*, the new generation SAW type Russian pistol grip, and all the reliability that you expect from this Saiga shotgun with a detachable magazine. Unlike aftermarket conversion shotguns, this factory manufactured unit does not have any unnecessary riveted holes on the sides of the receiver and does not compromise the integrity and value of your shotgun.


K-Var has been able to get our hands on these amazing and very limited quantity Russian shotguns and we are offering them to our existing and loyal customers only.


Due to the limited nature of this variation, there will be a limit of 1 shotgun per customer, on first come first served basis. We apologize in advance if some orders do not get fulfilled before the available quantities are depleted.


Do not forget to add the SG12-KIT, which includes all the extra goodies you need for your SGL12-07 for an amazingly low price.


*Russian buttstocks are designed for ruggedness and strength rather than cosmetic appeal


Grab yours now!

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i ordered 2 on the 15th, they say processing, and said instock when i made the purchase. also said 3-4 days for shipping. (and shipping was like $50 bucks! if ya look on fimes website they deal with other folks. yes i know its crazy market right now, but i am not at all impressed with these folks...

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