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Late last night, (well, Friday night) I was wondering how I could reward myself for finishing my first college class(my university goes by 1 class per month. It keeps the reports and stuff to a minimum)..


anywho, alone, in my bed, when suddenly...


A year old desire popped up. And, since I'd had a little over 200, I figured I'd get me a mosin...



And Now my wallet is empty. Apparently they are becoming a little rarer.. either that or not even the mosins are safe from the gun grab fear.


205 OTD (woulda been 219, but 205 was all i had to my name lol) for a 1939 Tula Arsenal Round Receiver. HAD to have it. one of my weaker moments im sure. I have the feeling that aside from being a pre-war rifle, it has little historical value. Still, I am not about to butcher it.


no less than 30 minutes after getting it i was working on cleaning it up. a few hours, wd40, a fabric steamer, and sand paper, and the stock is prepped for staining and the parts are clean of cosmoline and gunk.


I still need to lubricate the moving parts, polish the bore and friction spaces. already adjusted the firing pin to the right protrusion.


if everything goes well, i should be able to pick up some minwax and tru oil to finish the stock. i was thinking hunter green (google minwax hunter green, theres a rifle that shows up, so i know kinda what im looking at)


ill see how it turns out. Yes, there will be pictures for those interested.


ill also try to borrow my dad's spotter scope and try my luck with the irons. I hope they're somewhat on paper. what i want to do is get a brass stacker mount and scope to match, something with a decent amount of magnification. This might be a little difficult, Im trying to get an amd65 next month and its gonna be hard to feed two guns. oh well, i guess no mojo sight for the ak.

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I love Mosins. And dont worry, even though it was made in '39, it likely saw action in WW2.


Its in excellent condition bore-wise, but you're likely right. It has had some stock repair.


A relative and friend both asked me about my plans with the gun. I doubt I will ever sell it. Im not into selling guns. But I won't destroy it either... you know... different stocks, fancy permanent mods...I might engrave something personal into the stock and seal it with the finish, but I'm still not sure about that either.

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Well, aside from having the finish done, this rifle is ready to go. Ive painstakingly polished and cleaned this rifle.


I even readjusted the front sight to where it should be(appears to have been compensating for the bayonet, but ive got point of aim fixed)


as for my plans after shooting, im going to get a brass stacker scope mount and one of those inch thick recoil pads to boot.



I have a really important delima though. i want to choose a scope but, im having trouble with the idea. I've heard of needing "long eye relief" scopes for these rifles, but most of them are 3-9x and that's just a pistol/.22 scope IMO. i was hoping for something like a 4-14, and found that barska (im a fan) has this:




i have no trouble adjusting where i hold my head(buying an amd soon for christ's sake, i dont need a cheek weld)




bear in mind i can always move the rings closer together and move the scope back, i just dont want to buy a piece of glass and then not be able to use it properly.


Also, while I like the company Barska, if there's a better scope out there with illuminated reticles and similar magnification, im all ears on suggestions.

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Can't wait to see pics. The one I had was a '26 Izzy hex receiver that had been rearsenaled with all new parts including the barrel. Damn thing would shoot flies off a post at 100 yds once I adjusted the front sight post(made an adjustable one out of a long Allen screw with a side set screw to lock it down). Before I traded it off for my AR and 1911, I added a Mojo peep on the rear and refinished the stock. Cousin saw it, and had to have it....lol. He ended up with the rifle, a complete second rifle(sans receiver) for parts, 3K in ammo, and about 200 stripper clips. This is what she looked like after refinishing.




Once done, you could still see hand prints where it had been held in the firing position. Cousin called it, "Ghosts of the past".

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damn that's nice. the stock is drying once more overnight, then 2 more coats of wipe on poly, then another 24 hours and ill reassemble it and share all the pic pronz [sorta documented my work]


out of curiousity, should i look into a semi gloss duracoat for the receiver, barrel, and metal parts? im doing it on the next mosin i get [specific things ill be doing] but, well, i guess ill just post up pics before i gather any opinions. id go for a black, if there ever is such a thing as a shiny duracoat. just testing different stuff out. this rifle ive about finished is going to be completed with scout mounted optics.

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All Finished.




This pic above is comparing the ready to stain stock and the unprepped handguard after cosmoline removal.








The first couple coats took semiwell. Had bad lighting so i applied the first 1.5-2 coats of poly wipe on without realizing that the stock wasnt finished. No, it was not as half assed as the above. but the pic below was still unfinished.



I think this was before the final coat of poly wipe on after id "touched up" spots with more stain [over 2 layers of sealer already]


The bottom two are obviously the finished product.



...Would be nice if I could have resized the pics on the forum. Sorry, this is cell phone resolution (try telling that to someone 7 years ago.. haha)


I even took the time to adjust the sling so i could carry it slung either over the shoulder, across the chest, or, when aiming, i can comfortably wrap it around my arm for stability. Once it was reassembled, I about cried tears of joy and pissed excitement.


Long time ago I heard a statement: If you can dream it, you can build it.


This is straight out of my dreams. Literally.


Criticize, fantasize, interrogate, or compliment. I'm a fair and understanding gentleman wink.png


Also, on a sidenote, I stained the interior of the wood (save for screw holes) and sealed it just like the outside, and when reassembling, I got a very snug fit around the receiver and magazine assembly. Just. Perfect.

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If I remember right, 2-3 coats of stain, then 1 or 2 coats of the sealer, then 2 sessions of touching up the faults, then 2 more layers of poly wipe on.


Yeah, I goofed. I was impatient at the beginning but wound up taking my time. All in all, this work spanned from Black Friday until last night. about 6 days i guess. Not bad for a first timer, eh?

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Oh, such sadness hits me this morning. I decided to click on a bookmarked link to 54r dot net and it was all about mosin barrels..


I have a counterbored rifle... :(



I am told this shouldnt affect accuracy too much, it just saddens me that the rifling isn't exactly in never fired condition. Overall, the barrel is still fine, but now I know what to look for in the future.

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