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Strange dust cover 'button'?

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A buddy recently picked up a Saiga 7.62x39mm rifle. He said the dust cover 'botton' was different than any AK variant he had ever seen. He says it has a little button on the top to push down before pushing the rod forward. None of my 3 Saiga's have a button like this...


Has anyone seen this before? Is this a new thing they started doing? Any info would be great.







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All Saiga rifles and shotguns have that.


Not trying to say you're wrong or contradict you, but I own 3 and none of them have it. He also had a 7.62x39mm that he sold off a while back and it didn't either. Is there any rhyme or reason as to why some do and some don't?

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From what I read, they basically are using a guide rod assembly that is supposed to be for the grenade launcher equipped AKs. without the button, some AKs were having dust covers pop off. That was the cure.


Don't take it as gospel, but that is my understanding.

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Yes it's normal, My S12 has it.


The Wz.88 Tantal has a similar situation with the two piece tab and a small screw. It uses a dovetail however but the same thing is accomplished.


Supposedly with the Tantal, the idea was to keep the top cover on under recoil of a barrel fired grenade. However I don't know if that assumption I have heard is true.


The button is a common feature on Saiga firearms.

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What do you mean by Arsenal Legion? This is my second rifle and the first one didn't have it. This is on a 5.45 but I wouldn't think that would matter.





It was an Arsenal SGL10 which has the front end convertred, but not the rear end. I converted the rear end.



From the combined effort of Legion Ltd, the custom shop of the legendary Izhmash Factory in Russia, and


Arsenal, Inc. of Las Vegas, Nevada comes a new SGL10 (Saiga) rifle in 7.62x39 caliber. Initially


manufactured by Legion Ltd in Russia and remanufactured by Arsenal, Inc. in the United States, the new


SGL10 (Saiga) rifle has everything that collectors and shooter have been looking for. Hand-select premium


components, custom-shop-like attention to details by Legion Ltd, and Arsenal, Inc.’s highest standards of


workmanship, give this rifle its superior quality. Arsenal, Inc. remanufactures the SGL10 (Saiga) rifles in


the United States with 922r compliant parts and fills them with features not seen on any other factory Saiga


rifles. Performing the most difficult modifications to achieve, Arsenal, Inc. has done a substantial work for


the customer. The end result is the highest quality SGL10 (Saiga) rifle with the most desired features which


have not been available before. This variation of Saiga rifle serves as the perfect platform for the enthusiasts


to build many interesting original Russian AK projects, keeping the necessity and cost of replacement


components and labor to a minimum. Every unit is laser sighted and test fired. Targets are included with


most of the rifles."

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