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Got my .308 VEPR "Carbine" today

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Ordered from Centerfire Systems. It's got the old style sights. I wish I would've gone with the Integrated sights because my front sight post is canted just a bit. The muzzle isn't threaded either. I kinda wish I would've just gone with a Hunter model. Sure, it would've been 50% more expensive, but I would have gotten the longer ported fluted barrel, nicer trigger, nicer full stock, side mount included, etc.


So, now I've gotta get the muzzle threaded, but I'm going to do the same for my MAK90.

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Threading the muzzle is no big deal with a tap and die really. Your standard VEPR .308 that is threaded is threaded in the common 14:1 LH thread. (LH is Left Hand, not sure if you know that.).


Just make sure that your tap and die are centered to the center of the diameter of your barrel, this will keep it from being offset when you install a muzzle device and having a round strike it instead of clearing the muzzle and the device and continuing downrange.


You can also (If you're a perfectionist) get a thread gauge for 14:1 LH and check for proper pitch on your threading.

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FWIW, my first Vepr I had had the newer integrated sights and I hated them. I got another Vepr and it has the older style sights which I like more. Of course, if your front sight is canted, I can see your issue with it.

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Just got mine from Classic.My front sight is canted as well. So is the mount that the handguardscrew/sling swivel screw into. I'm going to run a Leatherwood CMR 1-4x24 scope on mine so the sight cant isn't detrimental at this time and sending it off right now during the panic isn't something I want to do. I'm waiting to hear back from my gunsmith, I know he fixed a canted AK sight for a friend's WASR.

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Nice. I like that FS-2000. I got to hold a few, very comfy. Shame they don't take P-mags though. Cool how they count total rounds fired over the life of the rifle too.

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