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Gas tubes and Piston/rods?

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Just thinking out loud........


With the replacement gas blocks that kvar sells for the Vepr/Saiga 12 030's, there are surely some left over gas blocks w/out rails that need homes(might come in handy for ban states). If someone were to manufacture a gas tube to fit the Vepr/Saiga 030's which im sure can be done as Dinzag has pretty much done the handguard retainer part minus the lower handguard but could use a modified KVAR handguard retainer or Dinzag handuard retainer or they could manufature one to fit just like the OEM Saiga030/Vepr 12 handguard systems, And if we could get someone to make the pistons, I heard tom cole was thinking of doing this, people could possibly convert over their adjustable gas system over to an 030/vepr type gas system hand have a FSGB. Of course this all is probably too expensive to put together but just think if one person did. They could have the hole system as a package kindof like what Dinzag already has just alot more to it. You'd need:

-the gastube and hg retainers


-lower hg retainer

-Dinzag modified Rear sight block


Gas pucks can be found at CSS


After listing all the parts, it would probably just be WAY cheaper to buy a new Vepr or 030 but my point was to try and make use of the left over parts...........o well.... any thoughts?

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