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LWD's Glock 20 9mm conversion barrel

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Take a little look at their barrel conversion section in Lone Wolf Distributor's 2013 catalog. There is a 9mm conversion barrel they now sell. I emailed them and they DO have them in stock, 124.95 just like most other barrels they sell.


This is fairly neat, as I've been thinking about getting a 10mm pistol, but also wanted a 9mm. Now, LWD sells a .40 conversion [as well as .357 sig and 9x25 dillion] but ive always fancied 9mm more than the high pressure .40S&W.


Anyway,I thought I'd share as I'm sure there are some guys out there that own Glock pistols and have always wanted to maybe shoot a cheaper caliber through their gun.



note: why is this in a Glock 20 significant? Because until now, most people claimed that converting the 10mm to a 9 wouldnt be possible because the cartridge couldnt push the heavier 10mm slide back reliably. Now, I'm sure that you're probably going to also need to invest in a lighter spring but the end result is a single handgun that covers a great defensive round [more power than a .357], but now also fires two of the three most common semi auto rounds, not to mention the two oddballs I listed earlier. There is also a .22 caliber conversion.

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How does that work with the mags? If it was a round that was basically starts with 40 S&W case I could see it working with existing 10mm mags, Like 357 sig. A little google search says it has to use +p ammo, not a huge deal. Almost wish I would have purchased a 20 now, instead of my G23 w/9mm bbl. I like options.

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i am under the impression that LWD's conversion barrels allow you to just swap to a magazine of the specific caliber.


Least, that's what I read.


you can go down in size, but not up. SO, i figure any mag should fit.

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9mm magazines don't fit in to a G20 magwell. Although I understand your excitement for a new option, the system will be ripe with problems. You will need to change the extractor, the magazine follower and the recoil spring at bare minimum to get a semi-functional gun. I LOVE Glocks.....Mainly because they go bang everytime and are accurate, take that away and you might as well go get a Hi-Point.

Save your $ and just get yourself a dedicated 9mm Glock

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