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Lone Star Arms Vepr 12 Quad Custom - High performance, low recoil Vepr 12 shotgun.






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Badass Mike. How much felt recoil is reduced?


Subjectively speaking - on a scale of 1 - 10, felt recoil is reduced to about two or three. As you can see from the video, the muzzle stays right where its aimed. It literally shoots like a carbine.

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OA barrel length is just over 18" with permanently attached brake. The gas system was tuned (LSA secret recipe), but not shortened.


I haven't sold the brakes separately from builds, but am considering doing so.



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Just minted for a customer in Oregon. Very very fast, very low recoil Vepr 12 build. This build is lighting fast with a 3rd generation LSA "Recoil Buster Brake" up front, and operator adjustable hydraulic recoil mitigation in the rear. Felt recoil is dramatically reduced for incredibly

smooth on target lead delivery, shot after shot.

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The V6 brake is steel but is not overly thick, and is extremely well made, so permanently attaching with high temp silver solder was routine. Weight of the brake is not excessive and was partially reduced by removing around 5/8" of the collar, leaving around 1/4". The finished overall barrel length of 18.5" swapped some barrel weight for brake weight so the gun remained nicely balanced.


Swapping the fixed steel triangle stock for the CSS aluminum skeleton stock, CSS billet folding mechanism and CSS Vepr 12 receiver block were a very desirable upgrade for this model Vepr 12, since the cost of the parts and installation together were less than the price difference for the  factory folding stock Vepr 12. From the rear trunnion forward, the mechanics of the gun itself are identical, so the option to install (or not install) a folding mechanism, and to go with a variety of different stocks and configurations is pretty handy.


Getting back to the brake, getting used to the unconventional look took a little time, but once it was on the gun, and the build was complete I rather like it. Performance was very good to excellent.  During rapid fire -- extremely rapid fire -- the load was consistently delivered to the center of the target with no perceptible climb or creep and felt recoil was extremely manageable.


The designers of the V6 brake clearly put a great deal of time, and 'out of the box' innovative thinking into this design. In my opinion, from a performance perspective they hit a home run.


BTW, I'm also really impressed with the Cameron Hadley's Chaos keymod forend. Cam has done an incredible job with this product. It is as ergonomic, and handsome as it is functional.

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What optic is pictured on the second gun?


Looks amazing BTW. Nice work!i

Thanks Vance. The optic is a Truglo Red/Green TG8380BN, from Carolina Shooters Supply.

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Just in.

Very sexy. Could use a different buttstovk in my opinion but. Nice looking shottie


For a build of this type the Magpul CTR is an excellent choice for ergonomics, comfort, adjustability and its narrow profile. The CSS M4 stock adapter which replaces the factory folder locks up tight in both the open and folded positions with little (as in zero) room to spare when folded. Getting the factory hinge pin out can be a bitch, but once the adapter is installed it fits like factory with no slop or wobble.

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