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Taken from The Firearm Blog:


Izhmash's interim CEO Alexander Kosov has announced at a press conference that the company is developing a civilian version of the AK-107 complete with its famous balanced recoil system. They will also soon be releasing the Saiga-9, a Saiga carbine chambered in 9mm NATO. These guns may be displayed at the IWA Show in March next year.




I wonder what kind of mags the 9mm will use?

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yay, another Saiga 9 thread. still all just hope and speculation. no talk of importation, nothing concrete. does sound like they might be starting to put 2 and 2 together though. or the writer of the story is just putting out what we've been saying all along.......lets just hope those 2 to 3 products are the Saiga 9, the Saiga 22, and the ak107.

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Maybe you should read up some. 22lr is already in effect. Waste? I'm sure many many more people would buy a 22 as well as the 9, doubt they'd be wasting their $. That would be pretty sick if they brought over the ak45 too. But i highly doubt it.

Why would we want them to waster their time/money on a 22? Let them develop the 9, 107, and maybe a .40 or .45 carbine. The market will develop .22 adapter kits, just like the AR market did.

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