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Tromix Trigger Group Conversion Question

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So i ordered up a Tromix fire control group from CSS, just got it in the mail, and had some questions before I dive into it.


Let me start out that i wasnt planning on moving up the trigger group to install a pistol grip (yet).


Can i even install this group without doing that?


(this is the one i bought http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-138/TROMIX-SAIGA-TRIGGER-TAPCO/Detail)


Hoping maybe someone has done this and can offer some insight! It seems like the consensus is that you really want to convert your saiga to pistol grip eventually, but i am interested in using it for hunting (in michigan) and didn't much mind the monte carlo stock as long as i can put a scope on it and shoot accurately. Hence the trigger upgrade!

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hmm... looks like it might be time to pick up a new trigger guard, pistol grip, and stock.


I emailed CSS and asked about a trigger group for un-converted saigas, in the meantime i better go check the hunting and trapping guide and see what the DNR has to say about hunting with a pistol grip...


It'd be nice if I can exchance the Tromix with another one, but the more i read, the more it seems like the problem is the way the saiga trigger is set up stock, not just the poor quality of the stock trigger.

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Much better to just do it all, it makes a hell of a difference in the trigger. Make sure you save all your parts in case the libs manage to do a ban with no grandfathering...

How will they know you converted it? It is still a good idea; I'm glad I saved all my parts, just because I'm a hoarder when it comes to gun parts, lol I agree, if you're gonna do it, do it all

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If you have to or just want to keep it in sporter configuration, go to youtube and search Saiga trigger job. I did it to one of my stock Saiga trigger groups and it makes an incredible difference! I kept the modified group after I did the conversion. Now, whenever I acquire a new Saiga, I immediately install the group with the trigger job until I can afford or have the time to do the conversion on the new rifle.

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