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This morning after being up all night in the OR and a little fuzzy, I adjusted my genuine Reynolds Wrap chapeau and pondered this:

The shooter in CT's mother supposedly owned these guns he stole and she was shot in the head multiple times allegedly by him also. Well.... really? I don't want to go Lee H. Oswald or David Koresh or anything but there is just too much shite that doesn't add up here just like in anything the media pushes that is a similar situation.

The mother was a teacher or did not work, something like that and lived in CT. Did any of you see her house?? Well over 1 million up there. WTH? Both her and the shooter are conveniently not going to testify to anything. The father and brother were really cooperative and there is the LIBOR deal(supposedly).

My contention is:

The current fool POTUS is a puppet, this is really obvious if you examine a few things from his "classified or sealed past" The probable truth is he may not even be a US citizen OR he claimed not to be at some point which would render his election invalid.

Whomever is pulling his strings is orchestrating the "re-organization" of the USA. His cabinet appointments are directed this way This has to be done incrementally.

1) Spend the ecomomy into irrepairable debt.

2) MAKE and foster the masses to depend on federal handouts (which they, the govt. cannot afford). When the money is gone= no more handouts.

3) Control the food and H2O supply by EPA regulation. Refer back to (2). No more handouts=no food or water.

4) Appoint like minded SCOTUS candidates to rule and produce new law that circumvent the constitution so it will appear legal.

5) Tax anyone stiil able to make a decent wage to the point where they eventually go over to the handout crowd. When enough are in this column the $$$$ runs out.

6)Fabricate situations that facilitate their agenda, ie mass shooting, natural or man made disaster.

7) Control the media to further push the agenda and continually lie to the masses.

8) When collapse is imminient institute marshall law under the guise of FEMA.

9) Before (7) DISARM the public by whatever means necessary. If you have a tank and they have a stick guess who wins. Eliminate opposition through so called legal means. (Relocation,concentration)

10) With the assistance of foreign bodies, UN, China etc. re-organize the USA

11) Draft and implement a new constitution.

Many of these things have already occured or are about to, Barry care, fiscal cliff, mass and isolated shootings, half the country on federal assistance, UN weapons treaties, Our debt to China and China's aquisitions of AMERICAN real estate for fossil feul recovery. EPA regulations on growing crops, livestock and fowl production SCOTUS health care rulings and of course the gun thing.

This I feel is the goal here and with the majority of lame-asses in this country and we all know plenty, It may not be that hard to pull off.

Maybe the Mayans were looking at something else?

OK, I gotta sleep now for a little bit........................

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